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Believe it or not- believe it...

...Christmas is nearly here. Many of you took our cue and started your shopping early, but a lot of people haven't had the time or the mental space to start yet this year. Good news for those of you in the latter category, and those who need a little more- we've still got a lot of great items in store for you. Plus, we've expanded our hours and have been adding to our online store regularly.

. And, because it's a lean economic time for many of us, we've made an extra effort to add products to our Sale! page online. Shop there for 50% off and make your dollars stretch. (Also remember, when you're in the store, if you see a red line through a price, that means that the item is 50% off.).

So, do your shopping soon- Christmas is gaining on you! We're here to help you keep your lead.

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