Christmas is Here!

Sort of...

We normally wait until after Halloween to start turning the store over for Christmas, as is respectable. But- surprise!- things are different this year. We have opted to put out all of our holiday merchandise as it arrives, in case "non-essential" stores are closed down again before Christmas. It makes for a jarring juxtaposition in the store decor (Autumn gourd displays next to those with red jingle bells. Cringe.), but it does allow us all to prepare for the coming holidays early, and therefore avoid the crush of crowds- or suddenly closed doors- later.

Among the changes this year are our handmade mini snowmen. You can add to your collection with special 2020 editions featuring masks, Each individual snowman is styled just like they have been in the past, but sports a hand-painted mask and the year 2020 on its base. They are a wonderfully creative and playful way to laugh in the face of adversity and will surely spark conversation years from now.

Bonus: they are individually handmade in Haddam, CT by a local artisan (watch here for our upcoming gift guide for products made locally and in the US)

Click on the photos to shop the products, or here to shop seasonal items in general. And thank you for making the effort to shop small, this year especially!

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