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Covid-19 Be Damned- Mothers' Day is still this Sunday.

But it's not too late to order using our super convenient pickup and local delivery options!

If you're struggling for ideas, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email or Facebook to ask us for help. This is what we do! In the meantime, here a few ideas for specific types of moms...

For the new mom...

For moms missing spa life...

For gardening mums... (get it?)

And there's so much more. Browse "Mothers' Day", or "All Products"- because everyone is unique and you never know where you might find just the greatest thing for the mom that you're shopping for.

Finally, we'll reiterate- there's nothing better than a gift certificate this year, because it's two gifts in one. Your favorite mom gets to pick her favorite items in the store, AND she has an impetus to go out to enjoy a pleasant browse again- something she has surely been missing!

Bonus: Any shipping charges will be refunded for gift certificates (free local delivery and curbside pickup are, as always, also available) and we are including a voucher for 2 free truffles of the redeemer's choice for a little pay-it-forward action.

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