Gardening F(r)iends, Our Time Has Come.

Posies has been infiltrated by a rabid gardener, and the evidence is everywhere. We're stocked with not only the whimsical and "gifty" goods that attract gardeners like pollinators, but also lovely yet practical items that they'll use daily, but might not treat themselves to.

Gardening gloves and hand therapy salve from Women's Work, gardener's soap from Seattle Seed Company, scatter garden packs, and Hudson Valley Seed's art packs are among our "oh-you-shouldn't-have", yet practical offerings.

To compliment the practical, we have an assortment of tabletop fountains for enjoying at the end of a day in the garden, flower pot mug sets, votives for scattering along garden paths, and a veritable cornucopia of other fun gifts to make your gardener smile.

We also have a limited number of terracotta lettuce bowls arriving, which make a unique and useful gift for anyone. A complimentary mini olive oil and vinegar set comes with each lettuce bowl, and of course we'll "wrap" it for presentation, free of charge. $22 each, call the store to reserve yours!

And finally, we will be open this Tuesday, 4/4/21, 11-4, to help you shop for Mother's Day- which is next weekend!

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