How to adjust your notification settings for Posies...

Want to keep getting periodic emails from us, but don't necessarily want to be "notified" by email every time we create a blog post? Here's how to adjust your subscription settings:

1. Go to and login (login is up top, near the shopping bag)

2. Use the pull down menu next to your login name to go to "My Account"

3. Go to "Settings"

4. Click "Unsubscribe" next to "Blog Subscriptions"

This should keep you subscribed to our email newsletters, but save you from being notified every time we post something here. Of course, if you don't mind being notified about blog posts, please stay subscribed- we love sharing our products with you!

Not subscribed at all, but would like to be? At the bottom of each page is a "subscribe" form. Sign up to receive emails from us, then adjust your notification settings however you like!

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