Introducing Themed Gift Boxes!

Here's latest thing that we're excited to offer you: themed gift boxes. We're creating them for pretty much any theme that you might want (let us know if you'd like us to put together something on a different theme), and they are available both online and in the store. It's a great way to give something that says "I get you" to someone near or far. If that someone is far, we can ship it for you; if they are near, we can deliver it for you (within a 10mi radius of the store or our homes).

No duds or dregs in our gift boxes! We put each one together with pride, choosing from our most interesting and loved products so that it's something that YOU are proud to give. Check out some examples below. Click on the photos for a description of each box, and to buy. More to come!

Plant Lady Gift Box
Happy Trails, My Friend!
Bees and Flowers!
New Mom Gift Box

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