Let there be light!

The dark days of winter are the perfect time spruce up your home decor, and adding light in different forms makes an especially welcoming atmosphere. We're well stocked for all your home decor needs, but let's get started by focusing on adding light in different ways...


Mirrors not only create a spacial trompe l'oeil, they can reflect and amplify light in beautiful ways.

Utilizing different sizes and styles will allow you to brighten almost any dim area. Here are some ideas.

This hanging mirrored sconce can easily fit in a narrow location, or would be a great focal point on a large wall with other decorative elements. Add a tea light to increase its reflective glow.

This simple, large, round mirror (36") would be great for bringing brightness to the ceiling peak in.a great room, or framing an armchair in a reading corner.

This oblong mirror would obviously have a place in any narrow spot, in a hallway, or horizontal above a shelf, but if placed flat on coffee or dining table, it could radiate light up from that surface. Adding candles to its surface will amplify the effect.

Place this raw wood sunburst mirror in an entryway to create a bright welcome for guests. It can also be strategically placed on a wall in a beach house to reflect the image of the ocean into your home

And this awesome piece. The basket in front offers endless possibilities. Candles, potted plants, live flowers- but we're betting that you can find an endless variety of ways to display this in your home.


Nothing beats the glow of candles for beautifully imparting light, and modern flameless candles are now so expertly designed that they rival the traditional ones that they imitate. This allows you to use candles for light in places that were once impossible, without sacrificing aesthetics. We carry several sizes and styles of flameless candles and tea lights, and of course plenty of "regular" candles, as well as votive holders, hurricanes, and other decorative elements to elevate their display.

This simple wood and glass hurricane can be displayed with or without additional embellishments, such as candle rings, or small plants.

These mixed votive trays can be filled with tea lights, or have some tea lights interspersed with herbs or flowers. They're narrow enough to fit on a windowsill, so they can add a creative light element almost anywhere.

And here's where flameless candles really have their moment- they can be used under cloches. We're showing these cloches with fairy lights (another great option for light in unusual spots), but they can also be placed over appropriately sized flameless candles and tea lights, and whatever else you like the look of under glass.

And finally, of course, lamps!

Adding lamps to unusual spots can do wonders for making your home feel filled with light and warmth. This usually means looking for smaller lamps to highlight nooks, or pendant lamps that can be hung over a corner or other tight spot to add lumens where there were none before.

Small lamps don't have to be utilitarian. They can be integral to the decor. This 13" lamp features a glass flower vase.

Add to your theme AND add light in a small space with this 13" robin's nest lamp.

Simple and short at 13", this small lamp can enhance almost any decor.

A hanging pendant lamp can typically be structured as a plug in or hard-wired, meaning it can be used with great versatility, to find light where you didn't think that you could make it happen.

Example of unexpected space use: a customer purchased this lamp to hang over her bathtub. Imagine!

Put this crystal pendant lamp in an unexpected spot- in a farmhouse kitchen, for instance, and enjoy the magic of that juxtaposition.

When looking for a table top lamp, consider one that adds it own personality to the spot that you want to light.. Like this silver "tea pot" lamp.

This table top lamp- created entirely of distressed metal- has an additional bit of interest to it, a center well that can be filled with florals, stones, or many other elements (that can be altered for the season).

Small table top piece for a meditation or reading room, a spot among plants, a bathroom, a beach house corner. The textured paper shade melds perfectly with the natural element of the stone cairn.

And these are just a few ideas. Want to add brightness to your home in a specific spot, but find yourself stymied? Just ask! We love finding solutions to enhance different spaces.

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