Made Here. Sold Here.

More than ever, people are looking for products that are made locally, or in the US . To help you find products that support American makers and small businesses, we've created a new category in our online store- US Made.

We have many more US (and CT) made products that aren't represented online- for example, nearly all of our specialty foods are created in the US, as are most of our bath and body products. We also have several lines of US artisan made jewelry, including a new one that employs women transitioning from difficult situations.

There are lots of ways to do good when shopping for gifts this holiday season, so when you're here, be sure to ask what's in stock that benefits charitable organizations, is made in the US, or is fair trade- and don't forget, you're supporting a local small business at the same time (that's us!).

In the meantime, "mouse" over the photos below to be directed to these products in our online store, and discover some new ones while you're perusing them!

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