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Updated: Apr 1, 2020

...candles that smell of spring, vibrant floral creations, fun favors for tele-birthday parties, Easter treats, bath and body indulgences, beautiful (yes, beautiful!) sage sticks for cleansing the home. We've got what you'd like to have right now!

Welcome to our very first blog entry! Spotlight, our blog, will feature products, design and gift ideas, and plenty of other fun stuff like recipes, events and places that attract our interest, or just bits of inspiration that we've found. If you are reading this when it was posted in live time, or check the date, you'll already have guessed what this first spotlight is trained on...Stupid Covid-19.

We're all immersed in this- as a captive audience, no less- so we won't belabor the topic.

Here's what it means to us, and our customers:

We are shuttered until it is safe to open again and have limited access to our merchandise; however, we have stocked so many lovely, cool new things for spring and we want to offer them to you as best we can.

Check our FaceBook page, Instagram, and here, for posts highlighting our goods for enlivening homes, enchanting imaginations, and lifting spirits. Then, contact us to order them remotely.

Spring beckons! All things to the call respond; the trees are leaving and the cashiers abscond.' - Ambrose Bierce

Reach out via FaceBook, or email, and let us know what you want- we will ship, deliver locally, or offer touchless pick-up.

Don't see something that you want in our posts, or here? Just ask! We probably have it, even if it isn't featured.

Your support is so important, it will keep us here for when this is over and the little things in life are essential again, and we thank you for it.

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