Okay, Now Let's Celebrate Dads!

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

And there's no better place to do it than in Middletown- specifically in Main St. Market.

You can get all your shopping done in one trip right here, but if you feel like something is lacking for your specific dad, other spots in Middletown can fill in the gaps. From the obvious restaurant gift certificates, to craft beers from Stubborn Beauty or cider from Spoke and Spy, cupcakes from NoRA, and bottles of craft beers from all over at Forest City down the street, modern Middletown has it all- including tons of places for you to relax and enjoy your successful conquest afterwards (Conspiracy comes to mind...).

But, hey, let's start here, at the unexpected- Posies!

Click through the pics to order online, or for more info.


Dads like beer, right? Okay, here's how you can treat them in one easy trip to Main St. Market. Pick up one of our pilsner glass/bottle opener sets (on sale!) or reclaimed beer bottle candles, and pop it in a package with a classy, portable cooler bag from The Man Cave next door (or any number of other great beer themed items that they have). Pick up a complimentary cheese down the hall at Spread Cheese Co. (may we suggest Red Dragon or their Whiskey Cheddar?), add a few bottles of interesting craft beers, pull over an ottoman, and you've just won Father's Day.


Who doesn't like to smell great and feel clean? Believe it or not, we stock many unisex fragrances! Flip through here to see some suggestions from Beekman and Swedish Dream.

Combine some of these personal care products in our gender neutral, easy going, oversized gym bag for the dad that enjoys self-care. Scroll through this slideshow to see and click on products that fit.

(And, yeah, we also have some stylish yet masculine face masks that, while we hate to admit it, might fit nicely with this theme...)


Is Dad a cook? We've got you. From a whimsical Dad's Famous BBQ sign, to "cheers to the chef" bottle toppers, to gourmet jams for glazes, a personal taco tray, and a salt cellar to position by the grill, we've got something for the dad that loves cooking for his friends, family, and himself.


Or- no judgement- maybe the dad in your life prefers to kick back with something tasty while watching a game, vs. preparing a full meal. Again, Main St. Market has you covered. We've got a huge assortment of specialty foods, condiments, and vessels for you to present with his favorite snacks. Get some cool, kicking back socks next door, some interesting charcuterie down the hall, and package it up with some of our dips with a dip bowl, or olive jars, pickles, or mustards to give a complete, amazing treat. (For a tea-totaler dad, we've got the best- Tea Forte, and it makes great iced tea in the summer.)


The moral of this story? Shop locally, now more than ever, to keep the businesses that you enjoy visiting there for you to visit.

It's easier than you might think. You can hit multiple businesses in one go, then have a leisurely lunch at one of our many awesome restaurants, all without moving your car. Middletown is one of Connecticuts crown jewels- make a day of it!

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