Thanksgiving is Around the Corner!

Most of us will be having a "smaller" Thanksgiving this year, but that doesn't mean that it can't be wonderful. In fact, you might find deeper, more meaningful delight in the day if you aren't fretting over preparing to host so many people, fighting traffic to get somewhere, or dreading small talk with people who you have nothing in common with.

Make a dish that you've always wanted to try but didn't think would fly with your usual guests. Go for a walk and gather botanicals for your table in the morning. Spend the day sipping wine and enjoying the process of cooking instead of sweating over the timing of everything.

But make the table, the meal, and the ambience as special as you would if you were hosting a crowd. Whether it's just you, you and one other, or you and just a couple others, put the effort in to create a festive atmosphere- it will make you feel truly thankful for the beauty of the day.

Click through the photos below to see some of what we have in store to make your Thanksgiving festive, and browse our general Home Accessories and Edibles/Entertaining for many more great additions to your table and your meal.

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