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Things are Falling into Place

We've been pretty quiet on this site for a bit, but that's because a lot has been going on behind the scenes. We've cleared out lots of left over spring and summer merchandise with an extended summer sale (Thanks, COVID. Thanks a lot.), and have been busy receiving our shipments for fall and the holidays. But, things are coming together, or "falling into place" (haha, sorry...couldn't resist), as I write this, and we are working extra hard to make the store a feast for the senses for you all to enjoy this season.

Come in now and you'll be able to pick your favorites, as most of our major fall clothing orders have just arrived in store, so your size is probably here waiting for you, and home and gift items for fall are being added to the sales floor daily.

Expect an influx of new products in our online store, but it takes time, so be sure to watch our Facebook and Instagram pages to see daily snapshots and video tours of what's new and feel free to call or email to arrange to purchase a product if you aren't comfortable coming in to the store.

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