Valentine's Inspirations

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

We all know that Valentine's Day is synonymous with romance, but, luckily, there are many different types of love to honor. Be your love romantic, filial, or familial, one of life's greatest joys is showing someone that you appreciate them, and red roses and champagne aren't always the appropriate way to do that (plus, it's tired). So, here are some thoughts to work with...

A day off- Perfect for that person who feels that they need to do everything, all the time, even though they are clearly burning out. Give them no choice but to take some time off by presenting them with some of our luxurious spa products, some fine tea or cocoa, and a gift certificate to our neighbors up the street, Body of Needs. Give these things with the big gift- a totally off-coms day, while you take on the tasks that your Type A loved one might otherwise fret over.

A low-key, special evening at home- Queue up a movie or favorite series that you've been wanting to watch together, set out a puzzle or a board game, or plan a walk or any other activity that you love doing together but never seem to find time for. Pick up something special for serving your favorite nibbles (may we suggest that you consult Spread Cheese Co. down the hall for those edible delicacies?) and a lovely candle or display to create atmosphere.

A day together in the future- Nothing nourishes love more than shared experience. Get a gift certificate from Posies and plan a day together: shopping, seeing the sights, and dining at a favorite Middletown restaurant.

A show of gratitude- For a teacher who gave your child a boost, the foster of a pet that you adopted, a kind and cherished co-worker, a neighbor who kept on going with their snowblower to get that icy hump of plow leavings at the top of your driveway- there's no shortage of people who do seemingly little things that mean a lot in your life. Show them that you notice and appreciate what they do.

Whether you want to give a token of a couple of artfully wrapped truffles, a collection of thoughtful things for around $25, an abundant gift basket, a piece of artisan jewelry that you think would look lovely on your lovely love, or anything between, we can help you put something together that shows you're thinking of someone fondly..

And, as always, we will wrap it beautifully for you, on the house, out of gratitude.

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