We've got some favorites back in stock for you!

Remember how hard it was to get toilet paper, then mason jar lids, flour, refrigerators, and now, apparently, bucatini and Grape Nuts? Well, the same thing has been happening on our suppliers' side.

If you came in over the last couple of months for your favorite specialty oils and vinegars or a bird nesting ball and found that they weren't here, rest assured that we were working hard to get those Posies staples back in stock for you, but, unfortunately, lack of supplies on the manufacturers' side meant that they couldn't fulfill orders.

HOWEVER- we now have good news for you!

Our best-selling oils and vinegars arrived this week (Mr. Lambrusco, if you're reading this, it's here...), and we'll have more flavors coming as soon as bottles are available. Yay! But wait, there's more...

Nesting balls and refills are back in stock, in time for the approaching nesting season!

We're so happy that we now have these perennial favorites back in the store for you, alongside all of our new goodies! Come get them while the getting's good- and you're sure to find some new fascinations while you're here!

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